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Messiah World Tour

Handel's Messiah is sung in large choirs worldwide. This circumstance was the basis of the idea to organize "Happy Birthday Handel" in Halle, Handel's birthplace. Every year we want to travel to other countries and cities as "Happy Birthday Handel Ambassadors", sing Messiah and invite singers to Halle.

After singing Messiah in Dublin in 2023 we now look towards singing in Cape Town at Easter 2024.

In the next few years, trips to London, New York, Japan and many other places will follow.The trips are operated by Travel Events, and accompanied by Max von Arnim.

Messiah in Cape Town
25/3 - 1/4/2024 

At Easter 2024 we want to sing Handel's Messiah, together with the Philharmonia Choir Cape Town. We will visit Table Mountain, the wineries, the Cape of Good Hope, enjoy a safari and much more.