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  • Halleluja Händel 2018

    Halleluja Händel 2018

  • Dirigent Fabian Enders

  • Halleluja Händel 2023 im Dom zu Halle

Hallelujah Handel & Choir Academy Halle 2023

With Hallelujah Handel 2018, we had already taken a first step in this direction. From 2023, an annual "Handel Choir Academy Halle" will enable singers to rehearse and perform Handel's music beyond the Messiah. With musical jewels from the most diverse works of Handel, singers and audience alike will be thrilled in a final concert. This is preceded by six days of rehearsals in Halle, flanked by a beautiful accompanying programme. Six days of singing Handel, what could be better?

The musical program of 2023 will be strongly based on that of 2018 (see here). Some titles are exchanged. The exact program will be announced shortly.

The date will be 25 - 30 September 2023. The conductor is Fabian Enders and the Staatskapelle Halle will perform. The concert venue is Halle Cathedral.

The concert programme

For choir, solo soprano, solo tenor & orchestra 

Coronation Anthem
Chor - Zadok the Priest, 5’50”

Judas Maccabbaeus
Chor - Sing Unto God, 2’30”
Tenor / Chor - Sound an Alarm, 3’30”
Chor - See the Conquer’ing Hero Comes, 3’15”

Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne
Sopran / Trompete - Eternal Source of Light Devine, 3’15”

Orchestra - Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, 3’00”

Sopran / Tenor - As Steals the Morn Upon the Night
Tenor / Chor - Or Let the Merry Bells Ring Round, 4’40”
Tenor / Chor: Haste the nymph, 2´30"
Tenor / Chor These deligths if thou canst give, 3´10"

Overture, 5‘30"

Sopran Capricioius Man, 3'45"           

Chor - Let Their Celestial Concerts All Unite, 3’34”

Apollo e Dafne
Soprano / Flöte - Felicissma Quest’ Alma, 6’30”

Harpsichord Suite (Barry Lyndon)
Orchestra - Sarabande, 3’40”

Coronation Anthem
Choir - The King Shall Rejoice, 12.00”

Tenor - Ombra Mai Fu, 4’00”

Il Penseroso
Sopran / Flöte - Sweet Bird, 12’00”

Alexander’s Feast
Sopran / Tenor / Chor - Your Voices Tune/Let’s Imitate Her Notes, 4’00”

Orchestra - Dead March, 3’30”

Chor - Hallelujah Chorus, 5’00”

More details

The participation fee at the Handel Choral Academy will probably be 150 €. This includes over 20 hours of rehearsals, usually from 16:00 to 20:30, including intermission. Furthermore, there will be sheet music and study mp3 / CDs for preparation. 


There are also excursion programs:

  • "Along the joyful Saale", a Saale walking tour to the "Hostel of Romance", the wedding church of Handel's parents, the castle Giebichenstein and more.
  • A trip to J. S. Bach in Leipzig, incl. singing at the grave of Bach in the St Thomas Church, as well as a city tour in the footsteps of Bach, Wagner and Schumann.
  • Visit Naumburg Cathedral and Weißenfels Palace, Schütz's domain and where Handel's talent was discovered.



There is the possibility to purchase everything as a complete package, including overnight stays. Singers can put together their own event package, with or without overnight stay and the corresponding activities.