Hallelujah Händel 27 - 29.09.2018

You always wanted to sing Handel pieces like Zadok the Priest and other wonderful works by him? Join "Halleluja Händel" at the end of September 2018 in Halle at the gothic St. Moritz Church. As for Happy Birthday Händel, Proinnsías O'Duinn from Dublin will be conducting the choir.
There will be four final rehearsals. We are providing learning-mp3/CD and music scores for download or postal order.


The Music

For orchestra, choir, soprano and tenor solo

Coronation Anthem
Choir - Zadok the Priest, 5’50”

Judas Maccabbaeus
Choir - Sing Unto God, 2’30”
Tenor/Choir - Sound an Alarm, 3’30”
Choir - See the Conquer’ing Hero Comes, 3’15”

Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne
Soprano/Trumpet - Eternal Source of Light Devine, 3’15”

Orchestra - Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, 3’00”

Soprano/Tenor - As Steals the Morn Upon the Night
Tenor/Choir - Or Let the Merry Bells Ring Round, 4’40”

Choir - Let Their Celestial Concerts All Unite, 3’34”

Apollo e Dafne
Soprano/Flute - Felicissma Quest’ Alma, 6’30”

Harpsichord Suite (Barry Lyndon)
Orchestra - Sarabande, 3’40”

Coronation Anthem
Choir - The King Shall Rejoice, 12.00”

Tenor - Ombra Mai Fu, 4’00”

Il Penseroso
Soprano/Flute - Sweet Bird, 12’00”

Alexander’s Feast
Soprano/Tenor/Choir - Your Voices Tune/Let’s Imitate Her Notes, 4’00”

Orchestra - Dead March, 3’30”

Choir - Hallelujah Chorus, 5’00”

Here you can download the music choice as mp3 and listen to it to get aquinted. The interpretations may be different.





Thursday 27.09.2018

19:00 – 2 hrs. choir rehearsal
21:00 – singers club

Friday 28.09.2018

15:00 – 2 hrs. choir rehearsal
19:00 – 2 hrs. choir rehearsal
21:00 – singers club

Saturday 29.09.2018

10:00 – 1 hr. orchestra rehearsal
11:15 – 2 hrs. orchestra & soloist rehearsal
15:00 – 2.5 hrs. dress rehearsal
19:30 – 1.5 hrs concert
21:00 – singers club




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Music Scores and Learning Material

Here you can download the music choice as mp3 and listen to it to get aquinted. The interpretations may be different.

Below you can find links for downloads per voice. This includes the music scores and learning mp3. The learning mp3 represents your singing voice with an instrument. You can listen to it on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You could also burn it onto a CD, for use in a regular CD player.
The music score has approximatly 100 pages. You may want to print this out at a copy shop and have it bound there.
The download is a ZIP file. This needs to be unpacked on your computer.





Alternatively, order the music scores and learning-CD in our shop.